Autoprotec Import Conversions




Our business specialises in import conversions and vehicle security also offering

other services which we feel are of benefit not just to importers but to every vehicle


Our quality of work is of a very high standard therefore keeping our customers

satisfied that they are receiving the very best in both workmanship and prices.

Our aim is to offer the best prices and the best products without compromising

quality or service.

This is why we feel that we have become so successful.

We can carry out a fitting service on your vehicle giving you the peace of mind that

the work carried out is done with the greatest care and attention to

1st : knowing the vehicle and 2nd: the part / product to be fitted.

We not only offer our services to those who are in the local northwest area

we also offer the recalibration side by post which makes things very simple and

hassle free for those customers living in other regions wishing to take advantage of

our services.


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